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New Music Monday
Posted on Monday July 22, 2013

Hey there readers! It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged, mostly because I have been busy with both of my summer classes. I have finally caught up with all the work and have time to come on here and focus on some writing. Now that I’ve explained where…

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Baby since you’ve been gone I leave the TV on. Gotta hear somebody’s voice. I just need some kind of noise. I lay some pillows down to wrap my arms around I pretend I’m holding you. I know it’s sad but it’s what I do to keep me from goin’ crazy.

I can get up and face the day just fine all by myself. Go out and take on the world and get it done like nobody else, oh but I don’t do lonely well.

- Jason Aldean

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Boom Boom Bang- Ke$ha

No Copy Right Infringement Intended 

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Exclusive New Music! “Front Cut”- Leighton Meester featuring Clinton Sparks! 

(Source: clintonsparks.com)

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